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CAT6 U/UTP Network Cable | Grey 500m

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  • CAT6 U/UTP Network Cable | Grey 500m


    This 23AWG CAT6 U/UTP copper network cable has 8 lines divided in 4 twisted pairs. Each pair has foil around it and each line has 7 twisted threads of 0.56mm bare copper. This copper network cable can carry data with weak currents and it has an LSZH outer jacket which means it can be used in Primary (Campus), Secondary (Riser), Tertiary (Horizontal) Ethernet applications.


    • Basic Conductor: Solid, 23 AWG, annealed copper
    • Insulation: Polyolefin
    • Number of Insulated Conductors: 8 / 4 twisted pairs
    • Color Codes of Pairs: Blue x White/Blue | Orange x White/Orange | Green x White/Green | Brown x White/Brown
    • Grounding Wire: Solid, 24AWG, 0.40 mm, tin-plated annealed copper
    • Outer Sheath: LSZH (Halogen free) flame retardant
    • Standard Outer Sheath Color: Blue RAL 5015,
    • Pulling force: 50 N / mm2 max.
    • Bending radius (Moving): 8xCable outer diameter (mm)
    • Bending radius (Fixed): 4xCable outer diameter (mm)
    • Storage Temperature: -20 to +80C
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to +60C
    • Mounting Temperature: 0 to +50C


    • ANSI / TIA / 568.2-D
    • IEC 61156-5 (ISO / IEC-11801 2.)
    Packing Size (cm) Packing Weight (Kg)
    27 x 39 x 39 20

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Being a Turkish fiber optic cable manufacturer and an efficient supplier for Europe, Asia and America, SAMM Teknoloji joined the global market with very high potential. SAMM designs and manufactures a wide variety of fiber optic cable types optimized for fixed or mobile networks that can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. SAMM offers reliable, cost-effective optical products to meet the needs of customers with innovative products developed and tested in accordance with international standards.

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As a fiber optic cable assemblies producer and supplier in Turkey and an optical assemblies supplier for Europe and Asia, Samm Teknoloji has been providing high-quality and reliable fiber optic cable assemblies since 2006. Due to our fully equipped production facilities, laboratories and long-term expertise in fiber optics, we are able to produce a first class fiber optic assemblies portfolio that ensure the highest level reliability. Therefore, one of the main priority is the ongoing expansion and advancement of the manufacturing capabilities.

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As a Turkish producer of future-ready fiber optic data center equipment, SAMM Teknoloji produces UHD ultra high density MTP/MPO panels and cassettes, modular panels and cabling raceways. SAMM Teknoloji has also kept pace with the accelerating spread of Cloud Computing, which has increased the need for mega Data Centers. SAMM provides Data Center solutions and products that suit all structures with high data storage density, data traffic and data security.

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