MTS-2000 + 4126A Module Single Mode OTDR

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  • MTS-2000 + 4126A Module Single Mode OTDR


    The VIAVI 4126A Sinlge-Mode OTDR module an ideal companion for the installation and maintenance of LAN/WAN thanks to its fast acquisition time, sharp resolution and 46dB dynamic range from 1310/1550/1625 to 1650 nm. VIAVI MTS-2000 is a portable modular OTDR fiber optic test device. MTS-2000 combine singlemode testing capabilities (1310/1550/1625 or 1650 nm wavelengths) within a single module, making this kit the right tool to address the testing needs of Premises/Entreprise networks as well as wireless backhaul infrastructures.

    The VIAVI MTS-2000 is a small hand-held modular test device with a hands-free bag, used for fiber optic networks in Entreprise, Metro, FTTx, Access and point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks (PONs).
    Test capabilities include a range of OTDR modules for single-mode testing, as well as a range of FiberCompleteTM modules for automated Insertion Loss/Optical Return Loss (IL/ORL), and fault finding. Both OTDR and FiberComplete modules are passive optical network (PON) optimized. The unit is also ready for connector end face pass/fail analysis to IEC standards with a digital analysis microscope. The PON power meter and CWDM-OSA modules also enable turn-up and troubleshooting of PON and coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) networks.

    The performance of the network and the caliber of the services provided are built on fiber infrastructure. Only an OTDR can verify the state of installed cables and passive components, ensuring that fiber links satisfy design requirements and contractor work is of the acceptable caliber. The ability to move existing fiber certification tools to different technologies, such as coax and RF, active xWDM, MPO/ribbon cables, or network layer tests like Ethernet, BERT, CPRI, etc., is made possible by module portability, which enables the migration of fiber test capabilities between different VIAVI platforms.

    VIAVI MTS-2000 4126A Key Features

    • Up to 46 dB dynamic range and 256,000 acquisition points
    • PON-optimized for next generation architectures, up to 1x256 split ratio and unbalanced and indexed splitters
    • Dual/tri-wavelength versions with 1310/1550/1625 or 1650 nm
    • Single test port connection for standard and filtered wavelengths – faster, error free testing avoiding customer services disruption
    • Consolidated reporting for all wavelengths tested reduces volume of test results to manage by 50%
    • Test port condition check to prevent poor launch conditions and inaccurate event detection
    • Supports SLM application tailored for various network applications (FTTA, FTTH, Enterprise, High fiber count cables)
    • Field upgrade-able for FiberComplete PRO applications - OTDR loop-back, bi-directional OTDR analysis (TrueBIDIR), high fiber count (MPO)

    VIAVI MTS-2000 4126A Front Details

    1. 5-inch touch screen
    2. Charge indicator
    3. On indicator
    4. File menu
    5. Setup menu
    6. Start/Stop
    7. Testing indicator
    8. On/Off
    9. Home page
    10. Cancel
    11. Direction and validation keys
    12. Results page
    13. Loudspeaker
    14. Headset jack
    15. AC/DC input
    16. Slave mini USB port
    17. RJ45 connector
    18. Master USB ports (2)
    19. Power meter port
    20. VFL or talk set port
    21. WiFi and Bluetooth options
    22. Stylus for touch screen
      Multimode Singlemode+Multimode Singlemode
    Wavelengths 850/1300 850/1300/1310/1550 1310/1550/1625/1650 1310/1550/1625/1650 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 nm
    Dyn. range 27/25dB 27/25/37/35dB 34/32/32/30dB 37/35/35/33dB 42/40/40/40/40dB
    EDZ 0.8 m 08 m MM / 0.9 m SM 1 m 0.9 m 0.8 m
    ADZ 4 m 4 m 4 m 4 m 4 m
    Applications - MM networks (Datacom/IT/Private Enterprises) - MM networks
    - Short/Medium Range SM Distances
    - Short Distances
    - Test before or after the splitter or up to 1/16 splitter on PON Networks
    - Short/Medium Range Distances
    - Test through up to 1/32 splitter on PON Networks
    - Medium/Long  Range Distances
    - Test through up to 1/128 splitter on PON Networks

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