OneAdvisor ONA-1000 + 400G Tester (NOPT)

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  • OneAdvisor ONA-1000 + 400G Tester (NOPT)


    As a high-capacity portable network tester, the VIAVI OneAdvisor 1000 offers all the test features specialists need to set up and manage high-capacity networks up to 400G. With support for both new and established technologies, VIAVI OneAdvisor 1000 is the best choice for metro/core, data center connectivity, and business services testing. All T-BERD/MTS products, including VIAVI OneAdvisor 1000, use the same same User Interface.

    VIAVI OneAdvisor 1000 Benefits

    • By using modularity, simplifies multi-technology testing and offers a complete solution.
    • With a 10-inch multi-touch screen, programmed workflows, and unambiguous pass/fail outcomes, it is designed with central office use in mind.
    • To test 400GE, connections and interfaces are provided with PAM4 native capability.
    • Ethernet, OTN, SONET/SDH, PDH, Fibre Channel, CPRI, and eCPRI are all fully supported.
    • Protection of investments with better cooling. To utilize ZR+ devices and forthcoming 0dBm QSFP-DD optical devices, this is required.

    VIAVI OneAdvisor 1000 Features

    • Tests new technologies at 400GE, 200GE, 100GE, and 50GE, including PAM4 and RS (544,514) FEC.
    • Support for 50GE on SFP56 optics
    • Superior battery life (over 1.5 hours), 400GE, and effectively cooled QSFP-DD optics with ZR
    • Scripted procedures like as QuickCheck, RFC 2544, OTN Check, and Optics Self-Test promote test consistency among users.
    • Pairs with the WDM Channel Checker/OSA and OTDR modules from the VIAVI 4100-Series.
    • Modular and scalable
    • Complete rate testing covering all intermediate Ethernet speeds from 400GE down to DSx PDH (1.5M/2M).

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